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PEACEFUL REST: Symphony explores Fauré’s ‘up-side’ of death

By Paul Horsley Just because Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem uses standard Catholic liturgy as texts doesn’t mean its messages are strictly Christian or even inordinately religious. Indeed its message of consolation is universal, and its gentler approach to death stands in stark contrast to that of some of the more severe Requiems in the repertoire. “The […]

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GARDEN OF VISUAL DELIGHTS: Lyric’s ‘Flute’ rides on top-flight vocals, over-the-top designs

By Paul Horsley That the Lyric Opera’s new production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute is a banquet of visual delights is beyond question. Its wildly colorful scenic designs, digital animations and costumes by world-renowned sculptor Jun Kaneko are quite unlike anything we’ve seen on the Lyric stage: Playful and fun in often explosively eye-dilating ways, […]

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WRITING ABOUT WRITING: Unicorn’s swift, witty production of Rebeck play is like a runaway train

By Paul Horsley Artists are always being told to create art about what they know, even though many live such insulated lives that they know little beyond the world of their own art. But it can work: From Nabokov’s Pale Fire to Fellini’s 8 ½, from 30 Rock to Rembrandt’s “The Artist in His Studio,” […]

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DEBBY RIDES AGAIN: Met Valkyrie brings smart, wistful, low-key program to Harriman series

Paul Horsley Deborah Voigt is one of the great sopranos of our age or any other, and although her voice has diminished in recent years she can still delight an audience at the drop of a hat, in just about any context. At her Harriman-Jewell Series recital on October 25th she presented a personal side […]

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MAGIC INDEED: Lyric brings designs by world-renowned artist to Kauffman stage

By Paul Horsley Mozart’s The Magic Flute is so full of opportunities for visual display that an opera company would be lax not to take advantage of them. But hiring a real-live artist to design an opera presents problems, too: If the scenic and costume designs are too overwhelming you don’t even need the opera. […]

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GLORY BE: Trumpeter, composer, visionary brings magnum opus to the Harriman-Jewell Series

By Paul Horsley In 2008 the world-renowned trumpeter and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Wynton Marsalis determined to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church with an ambitious mass for choir, soloists and jazz orchestra. Abyssinian 200: a Celebration was a hit, and on October 19th the Grammy-winning performer, author, classical celebrity, ambassador of peace […]

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WELCOME BACK: Dance company returns in fine form after eight-year pause

By Paul Horsley What a delight it was to see the Dance Theatre of Harlem back on the local stage, in its first appearance on the Harriman-Jewell Series, or in Kansas City for that matter, since April of 2001. After experiencing an eight-year hiatus, the performing company returned to the stage last season, and it […]

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