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Children’s Mercy – 15th Annual Red Hot Night Gala

The Hands & Hearts for Children Auxilary hosted the 15th Annual Red Hot Night Gala, a benefit for Children’s Mercy, in the Kay Barnes Ballroom of the Kansas City Convention Center on February 16th. Lisa and Barry Ginter and Jill and Ray Kowalik served as the honorary co-chairmen. Suzy Hall and Diane Gallagher were the co-chairmen. The festivities featured cocktails, dinner by Fiorella’s Jack Stack, performances by Quixotic and Lost Wax, dancing, and auctions. 

Blake and Whitney Revelle, Kyle and Sharaya Mauck, Jen and David Mitchell, Jill and JT Purcell, Braden Hughes, and Stephanie Schlosser


Kurt and Leann Knutson with Auxiliary Member Julie and Scott Kelly


Hands & Hearts for Children Auxiliary Members: (Front row) Jackie Foy, Julie Kelly, Catalina Thompson, Suzy Hall, event co-chairman; Nancy and Randy Pope, president; Diane Gallagher, event co-chairman; Felisha McDougald, Leslie Breer, Clare Blasi, and Meagan Dowell (back row) Cindy Muller, Walter Porter, Bruce Anderson, John Michaels, Rod Eisenhauer, and Joe Podrebarac


Jeanie Tapke, Shelly Horner, Genevieve Campbell, Melissa Shumway, and Donna Leeder


Alicia Banister, Audrey Scott, Meagan Dowell, auxiliary member; Karen Cason, Rachel Slabotsky, and Megan Weismantel


Katie Van Luchene and Jerry Foulds, Julie and Vince Clark, board member; and Felisha McDougald, auxiliary member


(Front row) Pam Berneking, Maria Maffry, Liz Lewis, Rachel Smith, Katie Fitz, Whitney Bartelli, Lisa Ginter, Angela Hurt, Grisel Wiley, Kristin Tyson, and Joan Cohen (back row) Anita Newton and Stacie Prosser


Lost Wax performed. 


Chris and Melissa Wood with Jeff and Cynthia Reid


Ray and Jill Kowalik and Lisa and Barry Ginter, honorary co-chairmen

Also featured in the March 30, 2019 issue of The Independent
Photo Credits: Chris Crum and Ben Palmer


Alphapointe – Boots & Pearls, Wine & Whiskey

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Benedictine College’s Scholarship Ball

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The Children’s SPOT – Once Upon A Time

Anne Gagel and Simon McGee and their children, Fintan, Eoin, Cormac, and Paxico McGee, served as chairmen of The Children’s SPOT at Saint Luke’s Hospital’s Once Upon A Time event.…

14th Annual HALO Kansas City ArtReach Auction

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