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We had a terrific response the first weekend that we advertised The Village of Leawood Villa community in The Independent. We had more than a dozen calls within days of the publication being delivered. The Village of Leawood is almost sold out, and we are so pleased with the results from our ads in The Independent. - Mark Simpson, The Village of Leawood
"The Independent is quite simply a must for anyone involved in not-for-profit work or the arts and their supporters. Their dedication to our city, its vibrant arts scene, and its unmatched philanthropic community is unparalleled. I strongly encourage you to subscribe and support the publication that has supported Our Town for more than a century. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to The Independent and their staff!" - J. Kent Barnhart
"A wonderful magazine for 118 years! Rather than announcing the daily news of tragedy and outrage, The Independent presents the events and activities about Kansas City's philanthropic work and the galas that fund them, the marriages and engagements of KC couples and the vibrant society life of this great city." - Julia Jackson
“As the oldest, most well-established magazine in Kansas City, we rely on our ads in The Independent to generate a good deal of our business. It provides unbeatable exposure, particularly for our luxury listings. The Independent is an outstanding tool for us to obtain listings, and even better for us in procuring buyers.” -Kathy Koehler & Heather Bortnick
I have been a subscriber for 50 years. I became familiar with the “I” when I came to KC as a bride in 1942. We lived among “young marrieds” in the “Peanuts” in back of the Walnuts- those apartments are long gone. I moved back to Cuba in the early 50's, so I took a subscription to keep up with friends- many are long gone. I think I enjoy it even more now as it is larger and better. I go to shop, try new eating places, and special events in the arts and music. The Independent keeps me up-to-date. At 89, I am the designated drive and tour guide (hope I know when to stop). Still an organist at Christ Church...I look forward to every issue. -Kathleen 'Kay' Morse
“I love reading The Independent. I give it to my brother and my best friend for Christmas just so they will be 'in-the-know'!” -Julie Smart
“I always grab a few minutes to go through it right away. It's like a phone call from a friend.” -Hillary Kemper
“The Independent is a great magazine- very informative. I always look forward to reading it from front to back.” -Linda Farchmin