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Benedictine College – 49th Annual Scholarship Ball

Lené Westerman and Colleen and Kevin O’Malley served as the co-chairmen for Benedictine College’s 49th Annual Scholarship Ball. The February 29th event was held at the Overland Park Convention Center. The Most Reverend Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, DD, was honored with the Cross of the Order of St. Benedict. John Holt served as the emcee.

Molly and Alec Haight


Auctioneers Kyle Lauterwasser and Lindsey Hart


Kathleen Carr was an enthusiastic bidder!


(Seated) Colette Breda, Valerie Mulholland, Peggy Tynan, and Molly Tynan
(standing) Matt Tynan, Denis McNamara, Joe Tynan, and Will McCartney


Josh Linton, Joe Andrews, Donovan Templeton, Aaron Gengler, Alejandro Pacheco, and Lucas Aitchison


Student volunteer Sterling Jennings accepted the Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann’s bid during Fund-a-Raven.


Rachel O’Grady, Katharine and Michael Rowland, and Sean O’Grady


Mike and Theresa Murphy with Betty and Bruce Stanley


Keith and Marisa Parkhurst with Danny and Megan Dougherty


Emily Kippes, Jade Baker, and Monica Swingle

Also featured in the April 4, 2020 issue of The Independent



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