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Culinary Curiosity

The Dish With Ann – Parlor

Food halls are red hot right now, providing a variety of cuisines for the most capricious of palates. (But don’t confuse them with food courts, with their sampling of fast food kiosks, found in shopping malls and airports.)  Food halls provide ethnic, artisanal, farm-to-table fare. Great Britain originally took the lead in this trend, with […]

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The Dish With Ann – Tribe Street Kitchen

Open since March, Tribe Street Kitchen has a funky, global feel, yet it’s also quite sophisticated. That is no coincidence. It showcases a large array of street food from around the world. The three owners, Wichita natives and childhood friends Sam Hagan, Ben VinZant and Jordan Mathes, are passionate, intrepid travelers and eaters, whether it’s […]

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The Dish With Ann – Sailor Jack’s Snack Shack

Probably one of my fondest memories of food from my childhood (my very own Proustian madeleine) is a lobster roll from one of those rustic roadside places in Maine. You place your order at the window and out comes perfection in a red and white checked paper basket: a toasted bun with just the right […]

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The Dish With Ann – The Savoy at 21c

When I walked into The Savoy at 21c’s bar area at the newly renovated 21c Museum Hotel Kansas City, I literally did a time travel back to my teens and twenties. My cousin, Richard Stern, and his partner, Gino Happy, used to hold court at the front table almost every night. With drinks and cigarettes […]

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The Dish With Ann – The Russell

Before you even enter The Russell, Our Town’s fabulous lunch spot on Main Street, which opened in February, the smell of hickory wood and savory roasting food emanates from the Argentinian fire table, measuring 10 feet and weighing three and a half tons. Located in the heart of the kitchen, it was handcrafted by Co-owner […]

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The Dish With Ann – Broadway Deli

Many of us MOTs (Members Of the Tribe, for those of you who aren’t Jewish) have long mourned the closing of The New York Deli (of blessed memory), which was an iconic eatery at 70th and Troost. My mother always had me pick up loaves of rye bread she ordered by phone (thin sliced, of […]

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The Dish With Ann – The Restaurant at 1900

The Restaurant at 1900 is a sleek, hip addition to Our Town’s culinary scene. It is located in the 1900 Building, a modernist architectural treasure, originally built in 1967 and recently transformed by Karbank Real Estate Company into an LEED Gold Certified high-end, mixed-use building, including offices, performance and event spaces and a gallery. The […]

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The Dish With Ann – Black Dirt

Jonathan Justus, a James Beard nominated chef; has been cooking since he was four years old. “My sister, who is quite a bit older, actually caught me standing on a stool, cooking bacon and eggs, much to her surprise. I was doing it practically every morning while my mother was working on her doctorate in […]

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The Dish With Ann – Charleston’s Restaurant

I have to admit I am one of those people who try to go to as many local restaurants as possible. But Charleston’s, with 18 locations in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Indiana, Arizona, and Texas, may be the exception to that rule, just like the now-shuttered Houston’s on the Country Club Plaza (how I still long for […]

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