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Homegrown: Living The Independent Life

Homegrown – Home For The Holidays: Designing A Warm And Welcoming Tablescape With Local Favorites

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a hosting heart that loves to entertain and be with friends. It’s something that is effortless for me, and welcoming friends and family into our home is truly a joy. For me, entertaining does not take one specific form, it’s more of what I, as the […]

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Homegrown – It’s A Wrap: Cozy And Classy For Cooler Temps

From sunshine to snow, we have seen it all this Fall. Mother Nature is just as lost as humanity, and her vibe is completely on brand with 2020. With the weather rumbling and rolling its way through this season, I’ve found it challenging to keep my daily dress consistent. Working from home and a slowed […]

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Homegrown – Galleries On The Grid: Investing In Local Fine Art

Of all the hats I wear, the most similar jobs I have are motherhood and the director of the Prairie Village Art Show. For both roles, I take a “learn as I go” approach. Each job is challenging, underestimated, and, most importantly, fulfilling. For the Prairie Village Art Show, I run a one man (or […]

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Homegrown – Hometown Downtown: A Look At Surrounding Downtown Areas Filled With Character And Charm

Hometown pride is an ear-perking topic. When I hear my hometown come up in conversation, I perk up and dive deep with Prairie Village pride. I have a passion for my community, because, like so many of us, my hometown is a part of my story. I do love my little bubble, but if there […]

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Homegrown –  Fresh Faced: Glow On!

In sixth grade, I became the proud owner of a bar of Clinique Facial Soap. Between the preteen hormones and frustrating flare-ups, I was forced to focus my attention from playgrounds to pimple control.  Fast forward 20 years, and I am a self-diagnosed product junkie who is known to buy it, try it, and move […]

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Homegrown – Serving your Summer Sweet Tooth

KC and the sunshine rays are here and boy-oh-boy are they hot. This year, summer seemed to creep up on me. One day we were celebrating the Chiefs’ winter win, the next day we were stuck at home learning to slow down, and then, bam – summer, sunshine, and sweaty kids surrounded my world. I […]

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Homegrown – Garden Party

With life as I know it put on pause during the quarantine, I was at a loss as to how to find peace in the unknown. If this spring has taught me anything, it is to slow down and appreciate the trifecta of happiness: family, far away friends, and fresh air. Fortunately, Mother Nature’s business […]

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Homegrown – Modern Monograms

By the time I left for college, I owned enough monogrammed items to be considered a walking Vera Bradley ad. I had my monogram on my bath towels, my makeup bag, and even a large Pi Beta Phi name sticker on my Jeep. Today, I can proudly say that although I no longer spotlight my […]

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Homegrown – My Perfect Kansas City Day: Sunrise To Sunset

In my family, we have had 17 snow or sick days this winter – not that I’m counting. My children, ages one and a half and two and a half, are adorable little petri dishes who have perfected the art of picking up every germ and bringing it home. This March, I find myself desperately […]

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