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Health Partnership Clinic – Opening Doors Celebration Luncheon

More than 170 supporters of Health Partnership Clinic gathered for its Opening Doors Celebration Luncheon, which was held on April 20th. Christel Bell was the emcee. Steve Loe, Shawnee Mission West High School, and Stephanie Novello, a client, were the featured speakers. This year’s Founders Award was presented to the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment. Jeffrey O. Ellis, former board member, was the recipient of the Leadership Impact Award.     

(Seated) Ruby Johnson, Angie Washington, Rachel Steinmetz, and Susie Robinson (standing) Paula Kies, Jennifer Brewer, Brandy Hersch, Dr. Muna Enshiwat, Damon Adams, Chris Beurman, and Dawn Cubbison


Amy Falk, Health Partnership Clinic; with Robin Harrold, board member


Charlie Hunt, representing Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, honoree; Amy Falk, Health Partnership Clinic; and Jeffrey O. Ellis, honoree


Cheryl Laaker with Michelle Cabrera, board member


(Seated) Dave Anderson, Kevin Weyand, Jessica Kerr, and Leslie Ellsworth (standing) Mike Hall, Deanna Shull, and Bruce Hartig


Denise Kelly, Brenda McLaughlin, Catherine Rice, Amy Falk, and Dr. Nader Rastgoftar, all with Health Partnership Clinic


Jody Rice, Jacquelyn Prince, Sandra Gonzalez, Keith Petite, Debbie Sparks, Catherine Rice, Denise Kelly, Sheila Bird, and Judy Janes, all with Health Partnership Clinic


(Seated) Samantha Mothersbaugh, Bryanna Contreras, and Heather Schoonover (standing) Melissa Hess, Jim Davis, and Erin Baker


(Seated) Teresa Snow, Geri Sack, Cheryl Laaker, Lindsay Perchar, and Ally Martinez (standing) Shawn Kirkwood, Sharon Traylor, and Debra Cooper


(Seated) Stephanie Beggs, Tandra Stacer, Glendy Shannon, and Tracy Price (standing) Patty Adams and Sara Owens

Featured in the June 10, 2023 issue of The Independent. 


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