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Kansas City Young Matrons – Civic Honoring Day

On October 7th, the Kansas City Young Matrons celebrated Civic Honoring Day at their historic Club House. Guests enjoyed a delicious lunch and Past Presidents, Silver Members, Life Members, and Honorary Members were honored. 

Also featured in the November 16th issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: David Remley

Honorary Members: Virgie Bancroft, Margaret Ewing, Peggy Jones, Lucinda Rice-Petrie, and Kathy Smith
Past Presidents: (Front row) Carol Anderson, Kathy Smith, Virgie Bancroft, Lynn Rodewald, Carolyn Patterson, Lucinda Rice-Petrie, Nina Hollabaugh, Cindy Price, Linda Ehinger, Sue von Geyso, and Bette Monson (back row) Pam Zschoche, Jan Pierson, Dianne Tanquary, Kathy Vigliaturo, Mary Pat Fruin, Linda Weber, Teri Clark, Bonne Illig, Betsy Vossman, Sue Lund, and Janice Fischer



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