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Life Unlimited – Hats Off to Mothers Benefactor Party

A Benefactor Party for Life Unlimited’s Hats Off to Mothers was held at the beautiful home of Zulema and Terry Bassham. Partygoers enjoyed cocktails, delicious fare, and fabulous views of Our Town. The 2023 Honorees, Lisa Block, Stephanie Freeman, Sandra Lawrence, Laura Perin, Anita Robb, Lynda Robertson, CiCi Rojas, Nancy Sachse, and Penny Still, were each presented with a lovely butterfly pin. Rachael Sabates served as the chair of Hats Off to Mothers, which was held on May 11th. Life Unlimited’s mission is to support people with developmental disabilities as they experience life with unlimited possibilities. 

Mark Bertrand, Julie Edlund, Kala Wiederholt, Emily Morgan, and Andrea Adams, all with Life Unlimited


Lan and Ray Strickland flanked CiCi Rojas.


Marygold and Jack Fry, Alisa Ford, and Kayla Curiel


Dr. Nelson and Rachael Sabates, Luncheon chair


Karen Mische, Ann Nigro, Pauline Henne, Felicia Bondi, Sunday Siragusa, Mary Beth Hershey, and Patricia Scott

Featured in the June 10, 2023 issue of The Independent.
Photo Credit: David Riffel



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