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SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 as a response to the AIDS epidemic. When largely the gay male population was being affected by the disease, a group of volunteers founded SAVE Home. It was the first AIDS-specific hospice in the state of Missouri, and provided people who had lost everything due to the stigma around the disease with a place to die with dignity and care. The organization continues to work in that space, and has expanded to include mental illness and substance use disorders. SAVE, Inc.’s mission is to provide comprehensive housing solutions to empower socially and medically disadvantaged people to improve their health and lead stable lives with personal dignity. In 2021, SAVE Home transitioned to become Pride Haven, a 20-bed emergency shelter for transition-aged youth who identify as LGBTQIA+. In 2022, Pride Haven served 148 youth and moved 70 percent of them into ongoing housing. Chief Executive Officer Blaine Proctor said, “SAVE, Inc. has been known and recognized for decades for serving the most vulnerable of Kansas City’s citizens. People who were and are shunned, stigmatized, marginalized, and experiencing homelessness are met where they are and welcomed with open arms to support them through their journey toward stability.” Learn more at SAVEIncKC.org.

Blaine Proctor, SAVE, Inc. 


Pride Haven building 

Featured in the June 10, 2023 issue of The Independent. 


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