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The 74th BOTAR Ball

The 74th BOTAR Ball was held on October 28th at the Muehlebach Tower of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. Mrs. Grant Wilkerson served as the 2023 president and oversaw a magnificent BOTAR year, culminating with the Ball. With a gorgeous setting of greens, pinks, golds, and the ambiance of old-world Palm Beach, guests felt transported back in time to a glorious world of palm trees and parties! The 10 BOTAR Pages stole the show as they heralded the BOTARs and Escorts as they were presented and then waltzed in grand style.

Lillian Kathryn Hosty with BOTAR Pages Miss Kathryn Ann Bartel, Miss Stella Mae Baratta, and Miss Audrey Fate Bartel


Mrs. Scott M. Mann, Mr. Anthony Mendolia, and Mrs. Robert M. Kissick, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Brad Harris


The famous BOTAR Waltz


Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stickler with Shannon Kelly O’Brien, Mrs. Grant Wilkerson, president; Mrs. Braden M. Perry, Mrs. Vincent Pianalto, Mrs. Truss Tyson, Mrs. Patrick Hosty, Emily Ann McCann, and Margaret Montgomery Lang


Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Armstrong with Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Pianalto


Time for a celebration!


Miss Audrey Kathleen O’Shaughnessy and Mr. William Kenneth Stapp II


Mr. Richard G. Norden, Mrs. Francis Franke, Miss Meredith Whitmer Norden, and Mrs. Norden


Amy Dunn Billings danced with her father, Mr. William Dunn.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Tetrick with Mr. and Mrs. Peter V. Angles


Mr. Todd Holland Matney, Mrs. Charles A. Penner, Jennifer Murphy, Emily Melingagio Zimmerman, Mrs. Michael L. McCann, and Claire Therese McCann


Miss Mary Britton Nelson, Miss Lauren Marie Terry, Miss Sarah Stephens Grimm, Mr. John Vincent Murphy, and Mr. Christopher Michael Angles toasted the night!


Miss Lauren Quinn Stoskopf, Miss Grace Frame, Miss Katherine Slater Hummel, Miss Isabella Marie Zanone, and Miss Mary Britton Nelson


(Front row) Miss Gia Marguerite Hense, Miss Megan Helen Walstrom, Miss Audrey Kathleen O’Shaughnessy, and Miss Caroline Louise Hunter (back row) Miss Meredith Whitmer Norden, Miss Caroline Christine Hausman, and Miss Anna Ash Varney


Featured in the November 25, 2023 issue of The Independent.
Photo Credit: David Riffel


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