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WIN for KC – Women’s Sports Awards Celebration

February 7th was the date for WIN for KC’s Women’s Sports Awards Celebration. The 26th annual event was held at the Kansas City Convention Center. Natalie Coughlin, American swimmer and 12-time Olympic medalist, was the keynote speaker. Maria Maffry and Whitney Bartelli served as the co-chairmen. The event is the largest celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Lauren Akason and Selyna Tibbetts


Committee Members: (Seated) Maria Maffry, co-chairman; Janell Rock, Erica Davis, and Jennifer Ingraham (standing) Whitney Bartelli, co-chairman; Lauren Pollimer-Harms, Babette Macy, Marcia Youker, Natalie Coughlin, keynote speaker; Ashley Brookerd, Mary Buschmann, Wendy Bailey, and Michelle McConnell


(Seated) Samantha Hammontree, Jana Merfen, Rebecca Sommers, and Brenda VanLengen (standing) Jessica Blubaugh, Mary Buschmann, Jake Jacobson, Shelley Rosetta, Marcia Youker, Natalie Coughlin, keynote speaker; Babette Macy, Shannon Johnson, Nicole Collier White, Julee Koncak, Emily Ward, and Krishna Lee


Flora Haug, Claire Richards, Whitney Rodden, Natalie Coughlin, Lois White, Brijhana Epperson, and Meredith Doyle


(Front row) Anna Golian, Emily Ervin, Madison Fischer, Cate Wietharn, Ilana Fingersh, Mayah Haug, Shyann Tibbetts, Carmen Gudino, and Selyna Tibbetts (middle row) Jordan Sogaard, Kendall Bub, Mackenzie Meyer, Maggie Schutt, Abby Clement, Kailey Wink, and Kennedy Wolf (back row) Maureen Browne, Liv DeSantis, Lauren Akason, Katie Cooper, Abby Long, Quinn Weakley, and Justine Bichelmeyer

Also featured in the March 21, 2020 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: Laura Fitzgibbons Photography


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