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2016 Directors of Philanthropy

The Independent is pleased to honor the many remarkable people in Our Town who share their time and talents with so many different organizations. We celebrate these passionate and dedicated individuals who make Kansas City a wonderful place to live.

Wayside Waifs

*Wayside Waifs is a charitable animal shelter whose purpose is to place adoptable companion animals in responsible homes. To accomplish this, they employ three key strategies: Providing temporary shelter for homeless companion animals, educating the public and developing partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances.

Board Members: (Seated) Harold Melcher, chairman emeritus; John Goodman, chairman; and Betty Scott (standing) Rusty Smith, Perry Brandt, vice chairman; Jodi Robinson, Susan Wally, committee chairman; Ruth Brackney, Bill Scott, Chris Trainer, treasurer; and Craig Wallace (out of camera range) Jill Embry, secretary; Anna Raccuglia, committee chairman; Michelle deSilva, Ellen T. Hanson, Walt Lane, David Morris, and Susan Susz 

High Aspirations 

*High Aspirations will raise African American males’ aspirations by initiating innovative ways to improve their lives socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually. Their vision is to be the recognized resource in the Kansas City urban core for developing personal and life-skills in African-American young men to enable them to live socially productive lives.

Board Members: (Front row) Henry Wash, president and founder; Jeanette Countee and Dr. Lester Blue (middle row) Quoleshna Elbert, Bill Dunn, Jr., vice chairman; David Gershon and Gayle Krigel, advocacy board member (back row) Robert Sniezek, Damon Bryant, board chairman; Zachary Thompson and Carl Stafford, program specialist 

Hope House 

*Hope House’s mission is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing safe refuge and supportive services that educate and empower those impacted by domestic violence. Hope House will advocate social change that protects and engenders a person’s right to live a life free of abuse.

Board Members: (Seated) Michael Moore, treasurer; Meghan Comiskey, Carol Baker, chairman; Jessica Ramirez and Jarrod Nichols (standing) Lee Moore, Curtis Lynch, Monica Alderson, secretary; Ben Thompson, Angela Presnell, Brian Herrmann, Cynthia Raven, chairman-elect; and Whitney Bartelli (out of camera range) Brad Homant, Lisa McCarty, Sarah Millin, Adam Rossbach, Elizabeth Smith, and Michael Williams, At Large 

City Union Mission 

*City Union Mission is an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of men, women and children who are poor or homeless. 

Board Members: Mark Sewalson, Jon Capp, Pat Shelley, Ken Riedemann, Myrtle Bailey, Dan Doty, David Langford, Maceo Gray, Taylor Fields, Mike Beehler, Ann Rohr, Kerry Classen, and Lorenzo Rice 

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

*The mission of the LLS is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. 

Board Members: (First row) Janeane Werner, Amy Michale, Caitlin Kaczmarczyk, Mary Blair, Janna LaCock, Erin Maupin, and Mackenzie Kautzi (second row) Heather Harper, Jimmy Frantze, Megan Clemens, Jenny Kincaid, Tim Petty, John Jacobs, Dr. Frank Slovick, and David Ginther (third row) Brady Hays, Mark Dudenhoeffer, Richard Woody, Steve Clifford, Jeff Carlstedt, Stacey Deere, Robert Kirkland, Lisa O’Dell, Darren Taylor, Rusty Smith, Jose Evans, and Dave Frantze 

Women’s Employment Network 

*The mission of the Women’s Employment Network is to help women raise their self-esteem and achieve economic independence through sustained employment. 

Board Members: (Seated) Kelly Murphy, secretary; Pamela Breuckmann, treasurer; Elma Warrick and Angela Hurt, vice chairman (standing) Janice Blansit, Stacey Paine, Anab Abdulahi, Jeanetta Ellis, Megan McCurdy, chairman; Cyndi Swall, Phyllis Collins, Sonia Garapaty, and Kayden Howard (out of camera range) Kathy Dodd, Glenda Freisen, Teresa Kellett, Victoria Kandt, Lily Maxwell, Arlene Mockapetris, and Teresa Kellett 

Community LINC 

*Community LINC’s mission is to end homelessness, impact poverty and remove barriers to self-sufficiency for the families it serves. 

Board Members: (Front row) Jackie Hunter, Deb Eveans, Rita Tiehen, Tina Ussery-Franklin, Teresa Shriver, Carol Gilstrap, Bob Kroeker, and Ann Harbin (back row) Bill Dippel, secretary; Brad Korris, chairman; Kent Cable and Dan Carroll (out of camera range) Blaine Degnan, Kris Kappel, Greg Porter, and Dave Lally 

Greater Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation

*The Greater Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation will drive the overall sports strategy for our region by seeking to enrich the quality of life, foster economic impact and elevate Kansas City’s profile. 

Board Members: (Front row) John Kane, Regina Croucher, Kathy Nelson, Steve Cosentino, Sarah Morris, Greg Cotton, Kevin Pistilli, and Oscar McGaskey (back row) Brian Wietharn, Tom Busch, Tom Butch, and Tyler Epp (out of camera range) Dan Beebe, Jason Booker, Randy Bredar, Michael Chalfie, Barry Davis, Mike Deggendorf, Jay Felton, Jo Anne Gabbert, Stephen Gaffney, Jeff Gray, Jake Reid, Denny Scott, Patti Streeper, Kent Sunderland, and Tom Waggoner


*EPIC Innovative Events is committed to strategically integrating live event experiences into brand initiatives. EPIC provides creative event solutions that emotionally connect and actively engage audiences in order to deliver results that maximize your investment. 

Board Members: (Front row) Jeff Jernigan, Christine Kemper and Rich Baker (back row) Augie Huber, Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley, Gayle Krigel; Steve Doyal, chairman; John Goodman and Roshann Parris (out of camera range) Howard Cohen, treasurer 

Don Bosco Centers 

*Don Bosco Centers’ mission is to position our ethnically diverse population of all ages across metropolitan Kansas City to be self-sufficient and contributing members of this great community. 

Board Members: (Seated) Walther Guth, Chris Nigro, Ellen Pantaenius, Mike Lally, and Paul Strohm (standing) John Neyens, Angelica Kindt, Mark Litzler, Patrick Pearce, Jodi Kaplan, Deborah Briggs, and Tori Nigro (out of camera range) Monty Rogers, Joe Privitera, Marc DeLeo, Trina Henke, David Staker, Tony Ali, Laura Kelly, David Armstrong, Cary Hall, and Father Ariel Durian 

Folly Theater 

*The Folly Theater’s mission is to preserve Kansas City’s oldest historic theater as a premier performance venue. We commit to maintain our building’s heritage, diversify our program and entertainment offerings, and be an enthusiastic participant in the continuing revitalization of downtown Kansas City. 

Board Members: Pete Browne, Jeremy Lillig, Jayne Siemens, Mark Seely, Lyla Perrodin, Steward Kosten, Mark Eagleton, and Alejandro Solorio (out of camera range) Michael Cline, treasurer; Chris Benner, president-elect; Richard Starks, James G. O’Sullivan, Doug Richards, Stacy Purvis, Rosetta Robins, and Edgar Palacios 

Center for Practical Bioethics

*The Center for Practical Bioethics’ mission is to raise and respond to ethical issues in health and healthcare. 

Mary Beth Blake, board chairman; and Dr. Sukumar Ethirajan, board member (out of camera range) Cynthia Spaeth, Edward S. Stevens, Drew Billingsley, Dr. Robert J. Belt, Dr. Bruce Dubin, Richard C. Green, Jr., Dr. Mark Hoffman, Dr. Jane Lombard, Dr. Karen L. Miller, Dr. James L. Spigarelli, Dr. Sandra Stites, Peter M. Wilkinson, and Dr. John Yeast 

The Children’s Place

*The Children’s Place’s mission is to nurture and promote the healthy development of young children who have survived abuse, neglect and trauma by providing specialized services and family support, within a safe and caring environment. 

Board of Directors: (Front row) Melanie Griffey, Dr. Christy Kleinsorge, Dr. Jovanna Rohs, and Ann Tinsman (back row) Steve Bernstein, Patrick Mitchell, Ann Anthony, Jeb Bayer, Dr. Vincent Barone, Harry Campbell, Marshall Lockton, Scott Hall, Kalinda Calkins, Mark Hunter, Sarah Lauck, Stacey Saladin, Chris Rhoades, and Chad Rock (out of camera range) Aaron Siders, Adam Zieren, Daniel Staker, DeAnna Dresel, Mary Widmer, Meyer Sosland, Patty Kincaid, Paul Schieber, Richard Wetzel, and Suzanne Williams 

The Children’s Place

*The Children’s Place’s mission is to nurture and promote the healthy development of young children who have survived abuse, neglect and trauma by providing specialized services and family support, within a safe and caring environment.

Angel Board Members: (Front row) Beth Drill-Nay, Amanda Lambright, Laura Goettsch, Rita Saladino, Karen Bailey, Ann Crampton, Kathy Schirger, and Melissa Batz (back row) Lisa Hardy, Tracy Dillon, Cheryl Donaldson, Laurie Warwick, Lisa Brady, Jill Wehner, Krista Tolsdorf, Jane Emley, Addie Perry, and Laura Jones 

Wonderscope Children’s Museum 

*Wonderscope Children’s Museum’s mission is to spark a lifelong love of learning through the power of play. 

Board Members: (Front row) Jill Jolicoeur, Kate Bender and Sally Stanton (back row) Matt Heimsoth, Sam Clevenger, Ken Schaeffer, and Aaron Siders (out of camera range) Kristi Adelhardt-Slay, Kara Bouillette, Chelan David, Katie Longhauser, Betty Paulsell, Olga Pitenko, Melinda Mehaffy, and Jeremy Smith 

Veterans Voices Writing Project 

*Veterans Voices Writing Project’s mission is to enable military veterans to experience solace and satisfaction through its writing program. 

Board of Directors: (Seated) Eileen Wirtz, Doris Anderson and Leah Ann Jones, secretary (standing) Marianne Watson, treasurer; Sheryl Liddle, vice president and program liaison; Deann Mitchell, president; Margaret Clark, editor-in-chief, Veterans’ Voices magazine; Debra Lilla, marketing chairman; and Perry Puccetti, special projects (out of camera range) Sarah Schroer 

AdHoc Group Against Crime

*AdHoc Group Against Crime’s mission is to be a meaningful community resource that, through crisis intervention and prevention, supports individuals and their families who are adversely affected by criminal behavior. 

      Michelle Word, board chairman
              Damon Daniel, president



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