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BOXOUT: Boxing Out Stress

Ritchie Cherry, Sr. wants to help people with stress, and he is uniquely qualified to do so! Ritchie has a bachelor of science degree in psychology from Langston University, and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Alabama A&M University. Besides that, he was a professional boxer from 2010 to 2015. But possibly the most important part of his background, as it pertains to his profession, is that he was bullied as a kid in elementary school. As an adult, Ritchie felt that the formal education and the schoolyard education he had received could be “married” into helping people overcome stress, just as he had. What came of the idea is BOXOUT: Boxing Out Stress. 

According to Ritchie, “BOXOUT was officially founded as a means to create experiences where passion, power, and purpose bind together. We commit ourselves to offering motivational support, life coaching, and life changing experiences. These combine to help to reduce work burnout, interpersonal conflicts, and day-to-day stress. Through this program, boxing is used as an avenue to teach those we serve lifelong fitness practices, respect for self and others, and how to be a positive contributor to society- feeling validated while doing it.” He wanted to move away from the confines of the traditional word, “counseling,” and create an environment where there is a mix of talking and boxing – with appropriate education, of course. 

In 2022, Ritchie and BOXOUT received one of Brandon Calloway’s grants from G.I.F.T. – designed to help Black-owned businesses (article on page 32). (BOXOUT was a part of The Porter House KC cohort grant request, along with several other businesses.) That recognition and assistance from G.I.F.T. proved to be invaluable to Ritchie and BOXOUT. “Their business coaching, tools, and educational resources were a game changer. They are a gift in the community, and cannot be matched,” said Ritchie. With the grant funds, he was able to purchase equipment for his program, as well as develop and pay for much-needed marketing and social media plans. For more information, or to book a session, visit boxoutstress.com. 

Featured in the February 10, 2024 issue of The Independent.


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