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The Kansas City Ballet Guild – Nutcracker Ball

The Kansas City Ballet Guild’s Nutcracker Ball will be held on November 23rd at the InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza. Sandy and Dr. Roger Jackson are the honorary chairmen, and Peggy Beal is serving as the chairman. On September 3rd, members of the Kansas City Ballet Guild gathered at the Todd Bolender Center for Dance and Creativity to address invitations for the Nutcracker Ball. Guests enjoyed fun conversation and delectable treats. 

John Walker, Mary Beth Hershey, Becky Quinn, Craig Sole, Jennifer Quinn, Jo Anne Dondlinger, Judy Sherry, Edie Downing, Juliette Singer Spinks, Sarah Ingram-Eiser, Gail Van Way, Charles Hulse, Sharon Soetaert, Linda Peakes, Vicki Baxter, Francie Mayer, Penelope Vrooman, and Michelle Fasel


Judy Sherry, Peggy Beal, Ball chairman; Juliette Singer Spinks, and Sarah Ingram-Eiser

Also featured in the November 9, 2019 issue of The Independent
Photo Credit: Larry F. Levenson and Kansas City Ballet


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