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BlaqOut #PRIDE

BlaqOut was founded in 2017 by D. Rashaan Gilmore. Its mission is to create a community where Black people of queer and trans experience and their allies are connected and supported, have access to equitable healthcare and safe spaces, and enjoy sufficient resources to help them thrive. By focusing its efforts on improving healthcare and wellness outcomes for some of the most marginalized, BlaqOut has created new pathways to better care for its core membership, Kansas City’s Black, LGBTQ+ community. Founder and Executive Director D. Rashaan Gilmore said, “Of course, we welcome our allies as well; there is space for all. We just want to make sure that our community, which is so often left behind, is prioritized through the services and partnerships that we offer.” BlaqOut is creating Kansas City’s first and only permanent safe space for the Black, queer community. BlaqOut’s multifaceted facility will provide social support, reduce HIV and LGBTQ stigma, and foster a sense of community for Black queer people in our area. The organization’s Culture of Care capital campaign will raise funds for continued innovative solutions to healthcare and wellness. Learn more at BlaqOut.org.

Deon Walton, John Holder, and Trell West


John Holder and James London


Terry C. Wilson II, Quintez Fox, and Jay Nedaj

Featured in the June 10, 2023 issue of the Independent.
Photo Credit: Kenny Johnson Photography



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