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                   A r t   I n s i d e r   |                                T h e   N e l s o n - A t k i n s   M u s e u m   o f   A r t

                    ummer will draw to a close soon, and the air will
                    become  crisp  with  possibilities.  Likewise,  there
               Sis a new crispness in the air at The Nelson-Atkins
               Museum  of  Art,  where  we  are  celebrating  the  recent
               approval by the City Council of a Master Plan District for
               our property. Suddenly, so much is possible, and only
               because  of  the  hard  work  of  our  neighbors  and  our
               Museum leaders. We began conversations about the future
               of  this  Midtown  area  a  number  of  years  ago,  when
                              our  focus  was  on  the  concept  of  a
                              cultural district. I continue to believe
                              that together, we can make Kansas City
                              one  of  the  most  vibrant  cities  in  the
                              country. Because representatives from
                              the Rockhill and Southmoreland areas
                              were willing to stay at the table during
                              this  past  year  and  discuss  both  big
                              questions and small issues, we reached
                              an agreement regarding our property. In
                              the process, we developed a warm and
                              genuine  relationship  with  each  other
             Julián Zugazagoitia
                              that  will  serve  us  well  as  we  move
                              forward. In October, when the Museum
               welcomes  the  International  Sculpture  Conference  to
               Kansas City, I will lead a round table discussion about
               sculpture parks in the urban core, public art and ideas for
               activating the landscape. I will have so much to share
               regarding Kansas City’s momentum. The autumn air will       The ginkgo trees at the Museum create a golden landscape in the fall.
               be even crisper and alive with possibilities.

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