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Palatable Pursuit

Palatable Pursuits – Fannie’s African & Tropical Cuisine

The country’s culinary scene is marked by fresh fish, rice, heavy spices, plantains, bananas, casava, yams, and hearty, eclectic soups and stews. Liberian cooks implement a “snout to tail” mentality when prepping in the kitchen and nothing goes to waste – from melon seeds to fish heads, chicken feet, and sweet potato greens, everything gets […]

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Palatable Pursuits: Kitchen Must Haves

I have always been “anti-gadget” when it comes to stocking my kitchen tools. I went years without owning a crockpot. Having never been a fan of most recipes prepared in this midwestern kitchen must-have, I finally caved when my second child went through a phase of screaming and crying as an infant in the early […]

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Palatable Pursuit: Pizza And Negronis

Jessica James recently joined the staff of The Independent as a contributing writer. She is looking forward to sharing her passion for great food and restaurants with readers. Jessica attended culinary school at Johnson County Community College. She worked in fine dining as the sous-chef at EBT Restaurant and as the executive chef at Ophelia’s […]

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