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Flowers, Garlic, and Evil Spirits? Oh My!

How fortunate brides are today to have luxurious bathtubs and exotic shower heads imitating rainfall in the forest to ensure wedding day cleanliness at its best! Because back in the day, dear friends, brides carried garlic, herbs, and spices in bouquets to cover up, shall we say, the lack of a clawfoot tub. Oh, and […]

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Calligraphy – Created With Careful Flourishes

Calligraphy, which is essentially decorative handwriting or handwritten lettering, is a special art form that has an enduring appeal. It can be used to express your personal style on your wedding day. Many brides, who want nothing but the best, have cherished the handwritten quality of their invitations and envelopes, as well as place cards, […]

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The Registry – Wedding Presence

Wedding registries are pure, unadulterated fun: tire swing in the summer fun, kid in a candy shop fun, sticking your toes in the sand fun, pick out what you like and have other people buy it fun! And, believe it or not, registries have only been around for about 100 years. Marshall Fields department store […]

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To Have And To Host – Blooms For The Bride

A Blooms For The Bride shower is my absolute favorite bridal party to host and to attend! Flowers play an integral role in all of life’s celebrations and meaningful moments. From a romantic gesture on the first date to designing a dream bridal bouquet, flowers are riding the love train alongside a couple. Hosting a […]

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Fountains In Our Town – The Children’s Fountain

Anita B. Gorman, a resident of the Northland, became the first woman to be a member of the Kansas City, Missouri Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners in 1979. She served as its president from 1986 until 1991. One project dear to her heart was the creation of The Children’s Fountain in North Kansas City. […]

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Empowering Women By Anne Potter Russ

Finding employment and keeping employment are challenging enough tasks. When women in our community add in the stress of starting a new business or trying to navigate the repercussions of a world-wide pandemic, the programs and services of the Women’s Employment Network are truly a life raft in the sea of uncertainty. This non-profit agency […]

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Fountains In Our Town – William Volker Memorial Fountain

William Volker was born in 1859 in Germany. He came with his family to the United States in 1871, and he settled in Kansas City in 1882. A newspaper advertisement from January 1889 shows William Volker & Co. at 602 and 604 Delaware Street. The firm announced itself as “Headquarters for Mirrors, Picture Frames, Etchings, […]

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Symphony Ball – Stardust

On March 11th, members of the Symphony Ball Committee gathered at Kate Banks’ lovely home to celebrate the revealing of the plans for this year’s Symphony Ball, “Stardust.” Melanie Fenske is serving as the Ball chairman. The September 12th event will be held at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Kate Banks, host; Lyn […]

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Grow It And They Will Come: Producing the Produce

Our Town is full of the most innovative, delicious, accessible, and inviting selection of produce and the means by which to achieve healthy sustenance. One need not dig very far beneath the surface to find that fresh, wholesome produce is really part of the culture of Kansas City. From cute herb pots on kitchen window […]

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