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Toast To Olde Tymes

Toast To Olde Tymes – Virginia Page Hart

Virginia Page was born on October 27, 1909. She was the daughter of Louise J. Page and Henry Clay Page. Her father was a lawyer. He was serving as the public administrator when he died unexpectedly at the age of 47 in 1922. Virginia graduated from Sunset Hill School in 1927. She attended Radcliffe College. On […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Patti Harding Abernathy and Taylor Stevenson Abernathy

In May 1933, The Independent published an anecdote about Patti Harding Abernathy and Taylor Stevenson Abernathy, who had been Mr. and Mrs. for more than 15 years. Patti changed her hairstyle for a party. What did Taylor think of her new look? “Her husband remarked that he liked her bangs because she looked as she […]

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Toast to Olde Tymes – Blevins Davis

“Local boy makes good” – such stories are traditionally earnest and heartwarming, and, to be frank, often a little on the dull side. The saga of Blevins Davis, however, is anything but predictable. He was born Charles Blevins Davis, the son of Julia Blevins Davis and Charles Ammon Davis, in Osceola, Missouri, in May 1903. […]

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Toast To Old Tymes – Virginia Burns Adler Oppenheimer

Cricket West was a fresh, new shop at 108 West 47th Street on the Country Club Plaza in 1938. Its owner was from an old Kansas City family, one steeped in retail. Arnold Adler’s mother was Emma Ganz Adler, the daughter of Bernhard Ganz, whose obituary described him as a “pioneer merchant.” Arnold’s father, Bernhard […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Clare Jaynes

In 1942, Random House published Instruct My Sorrows, a first novel with a distinctly unusual author’s bio: “Clare Jaynes was born some thirty years ago in Kansas City and again the following year in Chicago. She attended Vassar for one year and was graduated from Vassar after completing a four-year course. And although she already […]

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Toast to Olde Tymes – Ann Eden

Are these the eyes of a killer? Technically, no. All that was years in the future… Back in July 1939, our scribe wrote glowingly of a young woman who graced our pages: “A success story that we delight in telling is that of Ann Eden (Ann Crowell, as we knew her less than two years […]

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Toast to Olde Tymes – Tillie Heyle

She married a jazz musician. That doesn’t completely explain Tillie Heyle’s love for the Conservatory, but it’s a good start. During his college days at the University of Missouri, Alvin K. Heyle was the pianist and leader of Rocky Heyle and His Radio Band. He was 27 when they married in 1934 and already an […]

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Toast to Olde Tymes – The Brookside Hotel

Author’s note: A decade ago, Michael Churchman wrote Storied Halls: The Brookside Hotel, Treadway Hall, and the Crestwood Condominiums Through Ninety Years, and this scribe is heavily indebted to him for his research. For anyone who grew up enchanted by the stories of Eloise at The Plaza, (in New York, alas, not on the Country […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Gloria Vanderbilt

Reprinted from the May 9, 1942 issue of The Independent: Unheralded was Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Di Cicco’s bow into Town’s social life last week-end. Guests at the Hotel Bellerive, the erstwhile Gloria Vanderbilt and her husband were initiated into Kansas City’s Saturday night merriment by Carol Hagerman and her Fort Riley house guests, Lieutenant […]

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