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Hans Schwieger – Part One

The new conductor of the Kansas City Philharmonic and his missus arrived in Our Town in 1948. “I’m bringing the best part of Fort Wayne to Kansas City,” Hans Schwieger told the Kansas City Star, in reference to his recent bride, Mary Fitzpatrick Shields Schweiger. He was in his early forties then, and his cheerful […]

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Generations Of Love

As unlikely as it sounds, R. Hugh “Pat” Uhlmann might never have met his bride if he hadn’t attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, which was an all-male school back in the 1930s. His roommates were a pair of brothers, Bucks and Bobby Weil from Montgomery, Alabama. Pat visited their home – and fell for […]

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Planning a wedding by creating a Pinterest board? Here at The Independent, we have something better: the archives. 

One of our favorite wedding photos is of Loula Long Combs, who became Mrs. Robert Pryor Combs in July 1917. Loula was a renown horsewoman, constantly surrounded by grooms, but only the kind who carry currycombs, not diamond rings. The Independent had desperately wanted her to get married for years – there were constant asides […]

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Molly McGreevy – Part Two

(Continued from the April 28, 2018 issue) In March 1968, our scribe wrote: “The McGreevy home at No. 6410 Wenonga Road seethes with sociable confusion. Phones keep ringing, friends drop by, houseguests come to stay, and children come and go.” By then, Molly and Tom were the parents of three daughters. Our scribe made a […]

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Molly McGreevy – Part One

Both Molly McGreevy and her former husband, Tom, were interviewed for the book Edie, a biography of Edie Sedgwick, the Warhol Superstar, by Jean Stein, which she edited with George Plimpton. The book, which was published in 1982, is a compilation of oral interviews. At the end, participants comment on the changes in their lives. […]

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Sally Sheffield Ingalls and Edward Keith

Dr. Kip Robinson introduced Sally Sheffield Ingalls, who recently had accepted a position in the advertising department at Harzfeld’s, to Edward Keith, who worked in his father’s business, the Robert Keith Furniture and Carpet Company. On April 4, 1931, their engagement was announced in The Independent.  Sally was born in Atchison, Kansas, on October 10, […]

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Earl Altaire

Earl Altaire (rhymes with Astaire, as in Fred) began life as Earl Altare, (he later added the “i”), in Our Town on December 27, 1901. At the age of 17, he enrolled in the Georgia Brown Dramatic School. In his first job, Earl displayed a great deal of talent, but not of the theatrical variety […]

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Ruth and Henry Koppang – Part Two

Continued from the December 16, 2017 issue A previous article discussed the jet-set lives of Ruth Minor Koppang and Henry Koppang, whose passports must have brought new meaning to the term stamp collection. Ruth was a portrait painter, and Henry was vice president of the Federal Reserve’s Kansas City branch for many years. They were […]

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Ruth and Henry Koppang – Part One

Ruth and Henry Koppang were among the most glamorous of the jet-setters whose activities were of interest to the readers of The Independent more than 50 years ago. At that time, international air travel was, in a word, romantic – and the Koppangs made the most of their adventures.  Henry was born in 1899 in […]

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