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Toast To Olde Tymes

A Toast To Olde Tymes – Louis Edward Holland

Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport is located on Lou Holland Drive. Dr. Wheeler, physician, lawyer, and former mayor, is well-known to residents of Our Town – but who was Lou Holland? He is the man who was largely responsible for the creation of the Municipal Airport in the 1920s.  Nothing about Louis Edward Holland’s childhood […]

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A Toast To Olde Tymes – Winifred Wittmann Lunning

Winifred Wittmann Lunning turned heads in New York – and probably everywhere else she went – back in the 1930s. Long before fashion models were celebrated as superstars, she graced the pages of  both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. As the Kansas City Star described her in November 1936, “She is a tall blonde, rather pale, […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Faune Leask

What can you tell about someone just by seeing their picture? In October 1939, in a feature titled, “Names in the News in the World of Kansas City Business Women,” our scribe wrote, “Faune Leask, whose investment activities have kept her well to the front in financial circles for a number of years, is probably […]

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A Toast To Olde Tymes – E. Geneve Lichtenwalter

Geneve Lichtenwalter (originally known as E. Geneve Lichtenwalter – her first name was Eva) was an esteemed piano teacher for decades in Our Town. She was born in Iowa on Valentine’s Day in the late 1860s. Geneve graduated from The University of Kansas with a degree in music in 1892, and a bachelor’s degree in […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Tie The Knot

It’s a near certainty that any wedding planned during the past few years has involved challenges that would have taxed the minds of the finest screenwriters during the glory days of Hollywood.  We like to imagine that true love conquers all. Prior to the pandemic, wedding planning was often chronicled in the media as a […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Frank Fitzhugh Buckner Houston

Frank Fitzhugh Buckner Houston (as an adult, he pronounced his last name “Hewston,” although his brother Sid, a newspaperman, preferred “Howston”) was born in December 1899, near the tail end of the 19th century. He was a native of Mexico, Missouri. His father was Algernon Sidney Houston, a lumberman much involved in Masonic activities. His […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – The Labunski Family

Wanda Młynarski Labunski and Wiktor Labunski came to Our Town with their two sons in 1937, 17 years after their marriage and nine years after they arrived in The United States. For the couple and many of their relatives, the desire to lead a life focused on music and culture was overshadowed by the wars […]

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A Toast To Olde Tymes – Anna Curry and E. Kemper Carter

When Anna Curry and E. Kemper Carter – the E. stood for Evlane – were wed on Washington’s Birthday in 1936, they no doubt hoped to be together for the rest of their lives. They got their wish. Alas, some lifetimes are shorter than others.  Kemper, who was sometimes known as Kemp, hailed from Saint […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Inez Grant Parker and Gerald T. Parker

During the past 50 years, The Parker Foundation has granted funding requests of more than $56 million to improve the lives of people living in San Diego, California. On learning this, we knew to smile bravely and murmur, “How nice,” while stifling a shriek. It’s not just our envy of Southern California weather and proximity […]

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