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Toast To Olde Tymes

Toast To Olde Tymes – Mrs. Theodor von Eltz

Are you as big a fan of Humphrey Bogart as we are? Is The Big Sleep one of your favorite films? In the movie, which is based on the book by Raymond Chandler, the elderly General Sternwood (Charles Waldron) sends for Phillip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart), a private detective, because he is being blackmailed – again […]

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A Toast To Olde Tymes – Helen Findlay

Nature or nurture? Sometimes, by a happy coincidence, a person ends up exactly where she should be. That happened when Helen Findlay went into the family business. Her paternal grandfather, William Wadsworth Findlay, began his career as an art dealer in Kansas City in 1870. One of his most prominent clients was William Rockhill Nelson. […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Tie The Knot

“We’ve only just begun to live / White lace and promises…”  If the words you’re hearing in your head are, “A kiss for luck and we’re on our way…”  – well then, dear reader, you’re probably as shocked as we are to realize that Karen Carpenter’s vocals were gracing wedding receptions more than 50 years […]

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A Toast to Olde Tymes – Mary Conover Mellon

Mary Conover Mellon lived much of her life away from Kansas City. Her memorial still stands, decades after her death. It is a building on what is now the lower school campus of The Pembroke Hill School, which was the Sunset Hill School in her lifetime. In all likelihood, though, many of the students who have […]

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Toast to Olde Tymes – Camp Sosawagaming

Louis L. Touton was an educator for many years, but he is best remembered as the head of Camp Sosawagaming (sometimes called Camp Soso or Camp So-So) in Big Bay, Michigan. The boys-only camp was sited where Yellow Dog River adjoined Lake Superior. In earlier times, the area had been home to members of the […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Giles Cain

Giles Pendleton Cain began writing for The Independent in 1911. His column focused on the theater. It was originally titled “Little Stories of Plays and Players,” later shortened to “Concerning Plays and Players” and finally to “Plays and Players.” He would also write other columns, such as “Petticoat Lane Levities” and “This, That and the […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – The Thomas J. Stricklers

“Dan Cupid pranced merrily this summer, positive his persuasive powers would tie a nuptial knot of importance to Kansas City, a union of big business and much musical ability,” our scribe wrote, back in September 1929. The duo in the limelight were Margaret Jane Armstrong, a coloratura soprano, and Thomas Johnson Strickler, World War I […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – Lillian and Dr. Rex Diveley

The course of true love was anything but smooth for Lillian and Dr. Rex Diveley. The couple was involved in not one, but two serious car accidents in a short span of time during their courtship. A different pair might have termed the relationship star-crossed, wished each other well, and proceeded on their separate ways. […]

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Toast To Olde Tymes – 1978: Fashion Forward

It’s absolutely true that fun is where you find it — and we’ve decided to look for it in 1978. We’re harking back to a time of dressing up and going out. Part of the joy of the events was in getting ready for them. If the contents of The Independent documented what our subscribers […]

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