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Homegrown: Living The Independent Life

Home Sweep Home: Prepping Your Home For The Market

Two and a half years ago, when I was 38 weeks pregnant, my husband and I decided it was a good time to move. We bought a house in a coveted area of Prairie Village without really giving it much thought. We followed our gut, and, in my case, my about-to-pop pregnant belly, and decided […]

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Homegrown – Pretty and Pawsh: Decorating with Dogs

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, people would warn me that our dogs would absolutely move down the love line. As a lifelong animal lover, I would deny this theory over and over again and insist our pups would continue on as royalty. Today, approximately four years into the parenting vs […]

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Homegrown – Spring Clean: Closet Edit and Audit

I can Harry Houdini our home and my life to trick anyone into thinking I’ve got it together.  Spilled milk? Throw a blanket over it! Kids toys? Toss them downstairs. Counter clutter? Shove it in a drawer.  At the surface our house seems orderly and tidy, but don’t you dare open a drawer or closet.  […]

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Homegrown – Cozying Up With Crafted Coffee This Winter

For most of my adult career, I’ve worked from home. I hopped on the home office train in the year 2014 B.C. – “before children,” and “before COVID.” Working from home has shown me the power of working smarter, not harder. My flexible schedule led me to master the skills of time management and productivity […]

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Homegrown – Being Kind Is Cool

The week before Christmas, a few families decided to kick off the holly jolly week by taking our kids to see The Grinch. My daughter, who is three, had only been to one movie in her lifetime – actually, to be accurate, she has been to one half of a movie in her lifetime. My […]

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Homegrown – Home For The Holidays: Designing A Warm And Welcoming Tablescape With Local Favorites

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a hosting heart that loves to entertain and be with friends. It’s something that is effortless for me, and welcoming friends and family into our home is truly a joy. For me, entertaining does not take one specific form, it’s more of what I, as the […]

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Homegrown – It’s A Wrap: Cozy And Classy For Cooler Temps

From sunshine to snow, we have seen it all this Fall. Mother Nature is just as lost as humanity, and her vibe is completely on brand with 2020. With the weather rumbling and rolling its way through this season, I’ve found it challenging to keep my daily dress consistent. Working from home and a slowed […]

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Homegrown – Galleries On The Grid: Investing In Local Fine Art

Of all the hats I wear, the most similar jobs I have are motherhood and the director of the Prairie Village Art Show. For both roles, I take a “learn as I go” approach. Each job is challenging, underestimated, and, most importantly, fulfilling. For the Prairie Village Art Show, I run a one man (or […]

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Homegrown – Hometown Downtown: A Look At Surrounding Downtown Areas Filled With Character And Charm

Hometown pride is an ear-perking topic. When I hear my hometown come up in conversation, I perk up and dive deep with Prairie Village pride. I have a passion for my community, because, like so many of us, my hometown is a part of my story. I do love my little bubble, but if there […]

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