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The Dish With Ann – Q39

When Chef Rob Magee opened up Q39 at the original 39th street location five years ago, barbeque lovers instantly knew there was a hot, smokin’ talent in town. Lines formed outside the restaurant, and the positive online, newspaper, and magazine reviews (Zagat!) piled up higher than five slabs of ribs. But Rob was not just […]

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The Dish With Ann – Black Sheep + Market

Co-owner and Chef Michael Foust feels fortunate that his restaurant, Black Sheep + Market, is located in the same spot as one of Our Town’s iconic, now-shuttered bistros, Cafe Allegro. Said Michael: “Owner Steve Cole was really at the forefront of farm to table culinary excellence in Kansas City. I respected the heck out of […]

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The Dish With Ann – Jovito’s Italian Café

Leasa Caron, the owner of Jovito’s Italian Café, is steeped in the lore of Our Town’s local food establishments. Her former in-laws, The Fiorellas, owned all the Smokestacks and Jack Stacks. She and her ex-husband, Dr. Russell Fiorella, briefly owned a Smokestack up north. When restaurateur Jo Marie Scaglia moved back to Kansas City from […]

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The Dish With Ann – Café Sebastienne

Rick Mullins, executive chef at Café Sebastienne at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, got into cooking by default “I was working in bars throughout my ‘20s, living close to the edge. I really didn’t start professionally until I was 31. By then, I was sober and more mature mentally. It was easier for me to […]

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The Dish With Ann – Waldo Thai Place

As the executive chef at Waldo Thai Place, Pam Liberda represents a new generation, a branch of a storied family tree that consists of her husband, Ted, and her mother-in-law, Ann. At one point, Ted, Pam, and Ann owned and oversaw eight Thai restaurants throughout the metropolitan area. Ann and Ted still have Thai Diner […]

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The Dish With Ann – Freshwater

To many of Our Town’s foodies and midtown residents, Calvin Davis is a hero. In June of 2017, a drunk driver, going 70 miles per hour, crashed into his well-received restaurant, Freshwater, located on Southwest Trafficway. The accident destroyed the window and collapsed the front corner of the building. “We were fortunate that no one […]

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The Dish With Ann – Parlor

Food halls are red hot right now, providing a variety of cuisines for the most capricious of palates. (But don’t confuse them with food courts, with their sampling of fast food kiosks, found in shopping malls and airports.)  Food halls provide ethnic, artisanal, farm-to-table fare. Great Britain originally took the lead in this trend, with […]

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The Dish With Ann – Tribe Street Kitchen

Open since March, Tribe Street Kitchen has a funky, global feel, yet it’s also quite sophisticated. That is no coincidence. It showcases a large array of street food from around the world. The three owners, Wichita natives and childhood friends Sam Hagan, Ben VinZant and Jordan Mathes, are passionate, intrepid travelers and eaters, whether it’s […]

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The Dish With Ann – Sailor Jack’s Snack Shack

Probably one of my fondest memories of food from my childhood (my very own Proustian madeleine) is a lobster roll from one of those rustic roadside places in Maine. You place your order at the window and out comes perfection in a red and white checked paper basket: a toasted bun with just the right […]

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