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Culinary Curiosity

Culinary Curiosity – Third Street Social

A nice drive to Lee’s Summit would have been required until recently to access some of the most amazing comfort food – chicken and waffles – but not anymore! Andy Lock and Domhnall Molloy, along with culinary director Po Wang, have brought the goods to Midtown Kansas City in the form of a new location […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Silo Modern Farmhouse

Located on the edge of the greens of Canyon Farms Golf Club in Lenexa, Silo Modern Farmhouse, a restaurant within a clubhouse, was just the dinner staycation we’ve been looking for. Just off the interstate, this pastorally beautiful location could be out in the Flint Hills, but it’s much more convenient. The old brick silo […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Wedding Traditions

Ever wondered what the traditions are in other countries when it comes to weddings? Do others revere wedding cake as much as we do? What would you serve if you wanted to incorporate some delicacies from other parts of the world? We’ve put together a summary of sorts for sumptuous samples and tasty traditions from […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Goat and Rabbit and Dodson’s Bar and Commons

Kansas City is a story of parallels. Straddling the state line of Kansas and Missouri, our fair city has provided interest and intrigue for centuries now. From the practical, “Which police car comes to the disturbance on State Line Road?” to the critical, “The free state of Kansas versus the slave state of Missouri,” to […]

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Culinary Curioisty – Paros Estiatorio

Fresh, elegant, sophisticated, and graceful – Paros Estiatorio, the new Greek-influenced neighbor in Mission Farms is just the vacation we haven’t been able to take and just the fare we didn’t know was missing from South Kansas City until we tasted it… and experienced it. Brought to life by Kozeta (Cozy) Kreka (she also owns […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Elsa’s Ethiopian

Some restaurants require diving in with both feet – or hands, as it might be in this case. Eating Ethiopian food is an intensely interactive activity, a community experience, and really something everyone should try – at least once! My world-traveler husband was much better prepared than I for our journey to Ethiopia via Downtown […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Mattie’s Foods & The Fix

Beginners, be not afraid! Neophytes, knowledge is everything! Bravely go where others have tread and embrace the new, the tasty, the vegan. The land of all things vegan doesn’t mean that beef must be banished, it just means that eating a plant-based meal or two can be pleasant, nay – delicious! For those committed to […]

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Culinary Curiosity – Va Bene

“All is right,” is the Italian translation of the name Va Bene – the newest restaurant member of Corinth Square at 83rd and Mission Road. With Kristi Burns (formerly of Webster House fame) and Kevin Fossland (J.J.’s) at the helm, this new laid-back eatery defines itself with a comfortable atmosphere and authentic, fresh Italian dishes […]

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Culinary Curiosity – The Town Company

All good artistic endeavors start with setting the stage, appealing to all of the senses… immersion. Let’s set the stage for The Town Company, the signature restaurant in the Hotel Kansas City. The former Kansas City Club is the backdrop for this newly-opened, significantly-renovated, yet historically-preserved hotel at 13th and Baltimore. Once inside the original […]

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