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Art Scene

Art Scene – Cindy Scott Artistry

Having a wedding photographer is a must, even today when everything is digital. A wedding video is also nice, although the bride’s memory of the event might just be more magical without the reminder that her hair wasn’t perfect by hour five. There are also drones, GoPros, and photo booths. But, the most imaginative way […]

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Art Scene – Sara Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin

Sara Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin, known as Sonié, has an amazing résumé, and it merely scratches the surface of this important and prolific local artist. Born in 1951 in Joplin, Missouri, this talented fiber artist creates quilts using fabric, symbolism, and references to African textile motifs dealing with issues such as human rights, race, and gender. […]

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Art Scene – Harold Smith

Harold Smith, locally born and bred, can be declared as an art icon in our community. Most who are aware of our local art landscape know his name, have seen some of his work, and possibly know that he works in colors, poetic gestures, and jazz motions. What is harder to understand until conversing with […]

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Art Scene – John Keeling

We ran into John Keeling and his work quite by kismet. (By the way – the word kismet is taken from Turkish and Arabic origin – qisma, meaning lot or portion, which extrapolates out to “fate” as in, our portion of luck came due on an ordinary Autumn weekend in Overland Park.) During the fall […]

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Art Scene – Tanya Hartman

To describe Tanya Hartman is to find words in the softest, most respectful, deepest, safe place in the heart. This gem of an artist, teacher, mentor, and human being is an angel among us, and she is creating every single day. Tanya is true to her background, her family, and her passion every single day. While […]

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Art Scene – InterUrban ArtHouse

InterUrban ArtHouse may be a mouthful, the multi-pronged concept may be a bit confusing, the location may be intriguing, but all of the layers of concept and construction and utilization lead to one thing: a creative space in which artists are to be seen and heard. The kernel of truth is that despite Kansas City’s […]

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Art Scene – Kwanza Humphrey

Kwanza Humphrey, in his own words, “makes the invisible visible.” His works, both paintings and drawings, seem to help us focus. It’s kind of like when we are seated in the chair at the eye doctor’s office, and the double lenses are resting on our cheeks, and the doc says, “Okay, one or two; two […]

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Art Scene – Wolfe Brack

Wolfe Brack is a Kansas City native and graduated from Lincoln Prep High School. He attended Rockhurst University and the Kansas City Art Institute. His father is a professional woodworker and draftsman, and his mother retired as director of the Kansas City Public Library: Central Branch. Wolfe considers his father and his sisters, who are […]

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Art Scene – Cara Spencer

Cara Spencer grew up in Lyndon, Kansas, a town of about 1,200 people, 30 minutes outside of Topeka. She had 56 people in her senior high school class and graduated from Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas, where she got a teaching degree in theatre education. “In high school, I had done some murals, but I […]

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